Our Achievements

Photos of our export marketing achievements are shown as follows.

2011 Outdoor furniture
shipped to Germany

2011 Furniture outdoor ke Jerman

2012 Indoor furniture
shipped to Belgium

2012 Furniture indoor ke Belgia

2014 Outdoor furniture
shipped to Italy

2014 Furniture outdoor ke Italia

2014 Coconut charcoal
shipped to United States

2014 Briket arang ke Amerika

2015 Coconut charcoal
shipped to Lebanon

2015 Briket arang ke Libanon

2016 Coconut charcoal
shipped to Germany

2016 Briket arang ke Jerman

2016 Copra shipped
to Bangladesh

2019 Kopra ke Banglades

2019 Tobacco shipped
to Malaysia

2019 Tembakau ke Malaysia

2020 Outdoor furniture
shipped to United States

2020 Furniture outdoor ke Amerika